Friday, November 9, 2012

Presentation Outline

Assignment #15

Presentation Outline

I am going to present my project solo, as I declined to group up with other people. I intend to present my project using Powerpoint and a poster with all 100 advertisements on it, 20 advertisements per decade from the 1950's to today. If I am unable to create/procure such a poster, I will pass around print-outs with a range of ads not depicted in the Powerpoint presentation.


Introduction and Thesis- Will describe the purpose of the project and how it was organized; why is looking at 50 years of advertising important?

Advertisement Review- Will explain the traits and characteristics of each decade of advertising, from the 1950's to today. Will provide advertisements that demonstrate the decade's qualities, plus some of the factors that led to those qualities.

Recap- Will compare the new traits of advertising today to the methods used in older ads. Images help clarify the difference.

Relevant Course Material- Will connect the concepts and textual evidence of course texts (John Berger, Kalle Lasn) to the concepts illustrated by my project.

Q & A- Self explanatory.

The total time spent presenting should be close to 10 minutes, the time limit imposed.

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