Friday, October 19, 2012

Advertisement Analysis

Assignment #10

Watches, Wealth, and Masculinity

Many things can come to mind when you think of a fancy watch, such as wealth, power, and impeccable taste. Swiss watchmaker Zenith had the same ideas as well, and decided to implement that imagery into their ad for the "Grande Class Traveller" sports watch. This ad features muted hues of color and a handsome white male in a business suit, no doubt to play to masculine sensibilities. The advertisement is also skewed towards the higher echelons of society due to the private jet in the background, accompanied by the flashy watch in the foreground. Note the quote from Leonardo da Vinci juxtaposed over the male model; this is to give the advertisement intellectual depth as well as accentuate the intricacies of the expensive watch. The demographic of this advertisement is obvious: rich white businessmen and entrepreneurs. Zenith's advertisement also makes the connection between wealth and masculinity, as it implies that the consumer will be masculine and powerful if they buy the expensive bauble, glamorizing affluence and extravagant living that most people can't afford.

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