Saturday, September 1, 2012

Consumerism in Different Flavors

Assignment #3

Consumerism in Different Flavors

In this modern era, it's harder than ever to express yourself in a unique way, mostly due to the fact that a multi-billion dollar corporation has already capitalized on your "unique" brand of style. A tour of the website only helps drive that point home, with it's snarky commentary and relatively accurate representation of the scenes that many people ascribe to. In all honesty, it's just selecting the scene that represents "you" the best, then running with it, hawking it's merchandise, music, and style of living. The boundaries between this self-expression and blatant consumerism is non-existent. You either open your wallet to the corporation which sells your brand of clothing, or you knit your own cardigan. This is what I believe my scene to be, done in the style of yourscenesucks.

The Post-Prep
Defining Traits:
Short hair/gelled hair
Superdry hoodie/t-shirt
Casual demeanor
Neutral-colored jeans
Name-brand shoes
Distinct lack of tattoos

This is what would happen if you left a prep with a platinum Visa in a generic department store for two hours. Opting to remain subdued in a world of bombastic expression, the Post-Prep has left the formal style of his khakis and overshirts for the more familiar and simple jeans and a t-shirt combo. The Post-Prep believes himself above the more extreme scenes around him, scoffing at the idea of gauges and piercings, instead favoring a look more likely to net him a job at the local Nordstrom or Superdry store. Really, the Post-Prep is just a prep who lost the cojones to stand out in a sport-coat.


Pretty Lights
Plump DJs
Simian Mobile Disco

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